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Flat Belt Conveyors
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Flat Belt Conveyors

Garud Automation range of hard  wearing belt conveyors giving many years of reliability.
Our aim is to build a lasting relationship with our clients and offer the complete package.

Can we Help You?
Garud Automation welcomes a challenge and offers our assistance with the development of your
production processes.
Each of our conveyors is engineered to handle your products carefully.
Materials used to fabricate the frame are usually dictated by your industry
we offer stainless steel, mild steel and aluminum; Belting is also variable and includes;

  • PVC Polyurethane Silicon
  • Resin
  • PU Belt
  • Teflon
  • Plastic Belt / Modular Belt
  • Felt Rubber
  • Wire Belt

Garud Automation are able to integrate our conveyors into existing machinery 
with the little disruption  to normal production process.

Industries we supply to include.
  • Logistics & Transport
  • Building & Construction
  • Industrial Applications  
Flat Belt Conveyors
Flat Belt Conveyors


Conveyor Belts how versatile are they?

  • Belt sizes start at approximately 100mm up to 1000mm as standard but we can offer much wider
    belts for special applications.
    Side Guides can be added to restrict your products if desired.
  • Elevating your materials on inclines or declines is achieved by fixing flights to the belt.
    The number of flights and what pitch will be dictated by the angle desired and your product.
  • Speed can be varied by adding an inverter of mechanical variator and typically can run 2m/min to 50m/min defendant on product.
  • For convenience of transporting your belt conveyor it can be made portable by adding casters
    when the legs are being fabricated.
  • We are able to supply belt conveyors that will accommodate bends and corners.
  • Bespoke Systems designed to carry tubes,
  • Modular Belt Conveyor transporting packs of rice using plastic belt and gravity rollers.
  • Magnetic Conveyor used to convey empty cans for a food factory into the processing areas for 
    filling and packing.
  • New product our Close Transfer Conveyor
  • Tube Sorting Conveyor System
  • Side Grip Belt Conveyor which is fully adjustable to suit different size products.
  • Sortation Twin Lane Conveyor
  • Trial system set up for a company to try their products on one of our Inclined Belt Conveyor.
  • Plastic Modular Belt Conveying loose and packed wet wipes.
Flat Belt Conveyors Flat Belt Conveyors
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